Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Removable Partial Dentures Enamel Modification

Starting a new project for Removable Partial Prosth. Before we started this project, we had to mount our models, and make sure we had good occlusion. I have posted so many of those mounting projects before, I thought it was getting repetitive so I just ignored it! For this step, and forgive me because I do not have the time or complete understanding of removable partial prosth to fully explain it, we had to modify all the teeth that will have rest seats (areas which the RPD will 'snap' into), so they will have a path of draw. Basically, we just grind down enamel, put the cast on the surveyor, make sure the new enamel is flush with the surveying rod, then redraw the height of contour with the graphite surveying rod. Rinse, repeat, next tooth. 

Enamel Modification

Canine. Modified
Flush with the surveyor
Modifying the crown. Black is where I need to remove to get my
height of contour where I need it so my clasp arm origins are above it, then
extend into the undercut.

First premolar areas that need to be modified
First premolar distal areas needing to be modified

Premolar Rest seat
Cingulum rest seat

Premolar Rest seat
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